Including reformer and mat

Pilates is a form of exercise that requires concentration and focus - often referred to as Mind-Body fitness. Correct muscle activation and control is key and aims at total body conditioning.

Pilates exercises, with and without equipment, are designed to tone both the large and small muscle groups of the body including the stabilizing and postural muscles.

Pilates as a Physiotherapy treatment is proven to have better outcomes than a general exercise approach for anyone with low back pain.

Mat Pilates

Mat classes are a challenging routine of set exercises performed on the floor and usually combine props such as bands, rings, balls and bricks to intensify the work. Mat classes are designed to build strength, balance, and co-ordination using your own body weight.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer classes are amazing! They combine the use of the reformer, mat and other Pilates props with the use of springs, pulleys, ropes, straps, a moving carriage and a foot bar.

There is something about the sliding carriage and springs that deliver a lovely gliding movement! It feels great and is incredibly challenging for your body as spring tension and a sliding carriage work to engage your core while you do the movement.

Reformer Pilates involves moving your body through precise ranges of motion. These exercises work on lengthening and stretching major muscle groups in your body whilst challenging your body's strength, coordination, and balance. Each exercise has a prescribed placement, rhythm, and breathing pattern.

Who is Pilates beneficial for?

• Those experiencing back pain
• Are pregnant or post partum
• Recently undergone abdominal or orthopaedic surgery
• Wish to improve their sporting performance and/or reduce injury rate
• Lead a sedentary lifestyle or have a low level of fitness
• Are looking to regain and maintain physical well being
• Are looking to increase their core strength
• Everyone!!

All our classes are run by a qualified Physiotherapist.
Cost is $20 per session for Mat Pilates, and $30 per session for Reformer Pilates.

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