Including pregnancy and post natal

Pilates is a form of exercise that requires concentration and focus - often referred to as
Mind-Body fitness. Correct muscle activation and control is key and aims at total body

Pilates exercises, with and without equipment, are designed to tone both the large and small muscle groups of the body including the stabilizing and postural muscles.

Who is Pilates beneficial for?

  • Those experiencing back pain
  • Are pregnant or post partum
  • Recently undergone abdominal or orthopaedic surgery
  • Wish to improve their sporting performance and/or reduce injury rate
  • Lead a sedentary lifestyle or have a low level of fitness
  • Are looking to regain and maintain physical well being
  • Are looking to increase their core strength
  • Everyone!!

Our classes are run by a trained Physiotherapist.

Pilates at Katherine Physio

Your first 3 sessions are held in our clinic gym and are designed as an introduction to
Pilates. Classes are capped at 4 persons to ensure you get the feedback and supervision required to establish good technique. After your initial 3 sessions you will have the
option to join one of our bigger classes.

Cost is $15 per session.

In addition we also offer pregnancy pilates and post natal pilates.

We hope to be running more classes in 2021.

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